Portfolio > Transition Series

The Transition Series is a grouping of work focused on interests related to the artist's thoughts about commodities, material and the identity of the maker in an age of digital manufacturing.

Making in a craft based model has become an often-blurred set of ideology because of the rise of access to digital technologies. This model can no longer rely simply on the past traditions and must forage ahead; under construction. These works have borrowed the industry, effort and time of others. For the works to come to fruition though, the maker’s hand is still vital for the final forms, not only in obscuring and manipulating the ready-made, but also to become complete and finished. Throughout this process, the maker, while in control, is required to relinquish some aspects of control because of the machines utilized, from the very traditional to the more contemporary digital tools and equipment.

Where do we draw the line on appropriation, machine manufacturing and importance of the individual maker? While the answer is unclear, the hope is that these works celebrate the joy of making, no matter their relative proximity to machinery or the maker.